If you are involved in an auto accident of any type, orthopedic treatment is likely to help. There is a good chance one or several orthopedic procedures will mitigate your pain and help return your life to at least a semblance of normal. Our orthopedists and pain management specialists are here to help you bounce back from your auto accident as quickly and comprehensively as possible.

An Explanation of Orthopedic Treatment

Orthopedic doctors treat individuals who endure an injury or degenerative disease of the nerves, joints, muscles or bones. These specialized medical professionals diagnose injuries, develop highly effective treatment plans and strive to heal the underlying injury without an invasive surgery. However, if surgery is necessary to get the patient back to normal, it will be performed. From disc herniation to shoulder impingement, torn MCLs/ACLs, broken ribs, fractured bones and beyond, orthopedic specialists treat all sorts of ailments resulting from auto accidents. Lean on our team and we will custom tailor a treatment plan to your unique auto accident injury, paving a path for recovery and ultimately returning your life back to normal.

The Proper Orthopedic Care Starts With an Accurate Diagnosis

Lean on our team after your auto accident and we will identify the optimal treatment modality after analyzing your injuries. Our diagnostic tools such as X-Rays and MRIs ensure the proper diagnosis. Prompt and accurate diagnosis is essentially to expediting your recovery with the right form of treatment.

Orthopedic Care Reduces Pain and Puts You on the Road to Recovery

If you suffer any type of soft tissue damage as a result of an auto accident, you should know there are several orthopedic treatment options available to reduce the pain and facilitate a timely and full recovery. From chiropractic care to physical therapy, spinal decompression, stem cell therapy, cold laser therapy and beyond, there are plenty of options. Each treatment modality spurs a unique type of relief and accompanying recovery. The specific form of orthopedic treatment best for your auto injury hinges on the body part that hurts and the extent of the injury.

Soft Tissue Damage Treatment

A soft tissue injury stemming from a car accident, such as whiplash, is quite common after a crash, collision or even a sudden stop. The soft tissue within the body absorbs trauma yet the resulting damage has the potential to significantly reduce your quality of life. Sadly, damage to the soft tissue in your body has the potential to significantly decrease your quality of life. However, our orthopedic specialists are here to help. Let us treat your soft tissue damage and help you return your life to normal.

Keep in mind, your symptoms stemming from the auto accident might take hours, days or even a full week to completely manifest as the body masks the pain with the release of endorphins. Orthopedic treatment will continue until your injuries are healed. This hands-on, direct and comprehensive approach is vastly superior to relying on medication that merely temporarily masks the pain. Instead of concealing the pain with such a short-term solution, our team strives for true healing with strategic orthopedic treatment. Our team will monitor your progress at each subsequent visiting, altering your treatment plan along the way.

The Specialized Treatment You Deserve

Meet with our orthopedics specialists and you will be provided with specialized treatment tailored to the nuances of your unique car accident injury. Our highly trained physicians have the training, knowledge and medical equipment necessary to treat injuries to the knees, wrists, hands, feet and other body sites. Whether you need physical therapy, surgery, chiropractic treatment, massage therapy or any other treatment modality, we will pinpoint the optimal approach and get you on the road to recovery.

Orthopedic Care Treats Delayed Pain and Provides Long-term Care

Our orthopedic clinic has the high-tech machines and equipment necessary to pinpoint and address your pain, even if it is delayed. Orthopedic care lasts across the entirety of the injury duration. This treatment plan continues until you feel relief from the symptoms. So don’t merely visit the doctor for a one-time treatment, get some pain pills that mask the pain and assume everything will be fine. Instead, do the right thing by visiting with an orthopedic care provider to address the root cause of the pain so the injury has a chance to heal, even if it takes weeks or months.

Prompt Orthopedic Treatment Helps Prevent the Onset of Degenerative Disease

The worst possible outcome of your auto accident is a minor injury becoming a major injury over time due to neglect. Obtain prompt orthopedic treatment and you won’t have to worry about such a downward spiral. Do the smart thing by seeking timely orthopedic treatment to prevent subsequent medical problems, giving your body a chance to completely recover. Fail to obtain such timely and thorough care and you might end up with a degenerative disease. Examples of degenerative diseases resulting from auto accident injuries include tendonitis, hip bursitis, arthritis, sciatica and spinal stenosis.

Injured in an Auto Accident or Another Accident? Contact Zion Medical Today

If you suffer even a minor auto accident injury, do not suffer in silence. Our orthopedics specialists are here to address your injury in a thorough and timely manner, setting the stage for a prompt recovery. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment at one of our convenient Central Florida locations. You can contact our team by dialing (386) 317-5149 or online.

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