If you have heard the term orthopedic surgery, but are unfamiliar with what it means, you are not alone. Orthopedic surgeries are most common in elderly individuals and athletes injured while exercising, so there are many healthy people out there who have never needed such a procedure.

Orthopedic surgeries involve corrections and improvements to the musculoskeletal system, which consists of your bones, muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons, and other connective tissue that supports and binds tissues and organs together. While there are many different types of orthopedic procedures that orthopedic surgeons perform, some are much more common than others.

Most Common Orthopedic Surgeries

Here is a list of Dr. McGraw's most common orthopedic procedures:

  1. ACL Reconstruction Surgery
  2. Knee Arthroscopy
  3. Shoulder Arthroscopy
  4. Fracture Care
  5. Ankle Repair
  6. Joint Fusion
  7. Trigger Finger Release
  8. All other extremity surgeries
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